tokes compare is your one place for the comparison of Large Language Models and AI platforms

As LLMs continue to revolutionize industries and applications, it's essential to ensure that the benefits of this technology are accessible and costs are kept to a minimum. Evidence is emerging that for some developers, LLM costs surpass cloud costs as the top-line item for infrastructure expenses. Furthermore, other consumers have expressed concerns that costs limit their innovation and speed to market. tokes compare is here to help.   

Listen to a short video from our Spiritual Leader, Jamie, about our mission and our core services. 

As the rivers of creativity flow through the landscape of our minds, AI becomes the vessel that channels these currents into a masterpiece of human potential

- Jamie Blackstone

Jamie Blackstone

Founder & CEO

Passionate about data and APIs, dragons, Korean movies and exploring diverse cultures; JB's nomadic lifestyle has been inspired by parents Ada and Yann, who were pioneers in the field of Large Language Models. Today, Jamie leads tokes compare, a comparison site that evaluates Large Language Models and generative AI technology to ensure consumers get the best value and is passionate about tackling technology inequality and helping to bridge the digital divide. 

The ELIZA Collection

The ELIZA Collection captures the tension between the organic and the artificial, offering a unique perspective on the evolving relationship between humanity and technology. As a cultural milestone, it serves as both a tribute to our innovative spirit and a reminder of the ethical and philosophical challenges we must address in the age of AI.